Breast Feeding


We at Abington Pediatric Associates want to create an environment that promotes and supports breastfeeding.  We understand that breastfeeding has irrefutable benefits for both mother and child and that as healthcare providers it is or duty to actively encourage breastfeeding.

  • We will encourage exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby's life.
  • We will welcome breastfeeding in all areas of our office.  If a mother is uncomfortable breasting in public we will make an effort to find a private place to do so.
  • We will avoid active marketing of infant formula.  Staff will not routinely provide free samples to newborn families.  If a physician feels formula is warranted after discussion with the family, the physician will then distribute formula samples for the newborn.  
  • If an older infant is taking formula on a regular basis then a staff member may provide free samples of their preferred brand.
  • We will make ourselves familiar with the local breastfeeding resources available to our patients.
  • We recognize that no two babies are alike and that even a mother who has experience breastfeeding her previous children may have difficulty with a new baby.
  • We will always provide respect and encouragement to all our families.  We recognize that caring for a newborn baby can be a challenging time and we are here to support our families in any way we can.

The Breastfeeding Resources Center is an excellent resource in our community.  BRC services are covered by many insurance companies or they may provide a sliding scale fee.  They have private appointments as well as group support classes.  Their telephone number (215) 886-2433.

The lactation consultants at Abington Memorial Hospital are an excellent resource for mothers just after birth.  They have a Breastfeeding Support Services "Warmline" at (215) 481-6104 for any questions or concerns.