Well Visits

Well child visits are essential in ensuring the proper health and development of your child. These visits are designed to evaluate your child's growth, prevent disease and accidents, and provide anticipatory guidance. It is also your time to address any issues that may be of concern to you. Our practice follows the guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics for well child exams and immunizations.  During a well child visit, you can expect:

  • Evaluation of growth and development
  • Discussion of safety, nutrition, fitness, behavior, school, relationships with peers, day-to-day family life, etc. 
  • A chance to ask questions
  • Developmental screenings
  • Age-appropriate medical screening tests, i.e.hearing, vision, hemoglobin
  • Age-appropriate immunizations. 

We recommend the following Well Child Visit Schedule:

2-5 Day 3 years
1 month 4 years
2 months 5 years
4 months 6 years
6 months 7 years
9 months 8 years
12 months 9 to 10 years (yearly)
15 months 11 to 14 years (yearly)
18 months 15 to 17 years (yearly)
2 years 18  to 21 years (yearly)
2 1/2 years Over 21- Time to find a PCP

We will perform all services and screenings recommended for your child's age group, regardless of insurance coverage.  While many insurance plans do cover these screenings without any cost to families, there are plans which do not pay in full for some. Abington Pediatric Associates feels the benefits of these screenings outweigh the minimal cost some families may need to pay out of pocket.  Our intent is to continue to provide exceptional care based on the highest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which includes these screenings. Read our Financial Policy to learn about implied consent when scheduling appointments.

Please schedule well exams at least 4 to 8 weeks in advance. This is especially true if you have specific requests such as after school appointments or wish to see one particular doctor. Be sure it has been a year (365 days) since your last physical.

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