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How are you today?

For the highly skilled staff at Abington Pediatric Associates, this is no ordinary question; rather it is the key to understanding your concerns and your child's overall health. Abington Pediatric Associates was established in 1954 by Dr. Judd Shields, a renowned leader in the field of pediatrics. For over sixty years, we've been asking this question to neighborhood families like yours, and our response is always the same... we listen.

Listening to you and your children has enabled us to build a long-standing tradition of compassionate care, and to finding new and meaningful ways to serve you better. Partnering with parents and caregivers to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle is a goal we work towards with every patient encounter. Working with parents as a team yields the greatest results!

Whether you visit us in the office or online, we still want to know, how are you today?
Teens are at a time of life that they need to develop independence. They need to master several things before leaving the nest. This includes letting them take charge of their healthcare in late teen years.

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