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  • 7/20/2018
    Teens are at a time of life that they need to develop independence. They need to master several things before leaving the nest. This includes letting them take charge of their healthcare in late teen years.
  • 7/7/2018

    Obesity affects 40 percent of adults and 19 percent of children in the United States and accounts for more than $168 billion in health care spending each year. Sugary beverages are thought to be one of the major drivers of the obesity epidemic.

  • 6/27/2018
    A mom shared a photo of her toddler's broken leg to warn against common playground injury. Hundreds of thousands of children are injured on slides each year in the U.S.
  • 6/21/2018

    It’s the final stretch of a long day.  Bathtime, PJs, stories: check, check, check.  And now you’re reaching for the light switch in your kid’s room. Finally — you get a blissful hour to yourself before you collapse into bed.

    But then, that little person in the toddler bed pops up like a jack-in-the-box to let you know: There is a monster. There are weird shadows. She wants water. Or, he wants another story. And, of course, “I need to go potty!” one last time.

  • 6/8/2018

    Mr. Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children

    For the millions of adults who grew up watching him on public television, Fred Rogers represents the most important human values: respect, compassion, kindness, integrity, humility. On Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the show that he created 50 years ago and starred in, he was the epitome of simple, natural ease.

  • 6/1/2018
    Summer Reading Tips for Parents of Kindergartners, First Graders and Readers & Writers
  • 6/1/2018

    Concerns about your child's eating? Sign up today to meet with a Family Food Registered Dietitian at our office.  Visit to sign up or call (800) 203-8657.

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